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2" Backflow Prevention Devices

This category contains a lineup of 2” double-check backflow preventers, including leaded and lead-free backflow preventers. You'll find dual check valve backflow preventers from top name manufacturers such as Watts, Febco and Zurn Wilkins. Whether you're looking for a stainless-steel backflow preventer or a 2-inch backflow preventer PVC, you'll find them here at competitive prices.

The FEBCO 825YLF-2 Lead Free is a highly specialized device used to protect against toxic, high-hazard liquids in the water serving hospitals, morgues, and industrial and chemical plants. It may also be used in irrigation systems or other locations where the highest level of protection is required. The Zurn Wilkins 720A Pressure Vacuum Assembly is also used in potential high-hazard back-siphonage conditions.

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Febco 2" Leaded PVB Febco 2" Leaded PVB

List Price: $712.95
Backflow Prevention Devices 2" - 007LF-2 Watts Lead Free 007 2"


List Price: $773.53
Wilkins 2" 350 Leaded Backflow Prevention Device Wilkins 2" 350 Lead Free Device


List Price: $774.16
Ames Backflow Prevention Parts - 2" 2000B AMES - 2" 2000B Leaded


List Price: $802.63
009LF-2 for WATTS 2" Device - LF009 / 009M2 009LF-2


List Price: $975.09
2" Apollo RP4A Device 2" Apollo RP4A Device

List Price: $1,057.56
Watts 2" 919 Lead Free Watts 2" 919 Lead Free


List Price: $1,066.16
Ames 4000B lead Free 2" - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts Ames 4000B lead Free 2"

List Price: $1,077.09
Wilkins Backflow Prevention 2" 375 Lead Free RPZ Device Wilkins 2" 375 Lead Free RPZ Device


List Price: $1,270.33
Febco 825Y-2 2" Backflow Prevention Device Febco 825Y-2

Febco 825Y-2

List Price: $1,330.80
Febco 825YLF-2 2" Backflow Prevention Device Febco 825YLF-2

Febco 825YLF-2  Lead Free

List Price: $1,689.15