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Febco Backflow Prevention Parts & Devices

FEBCO Backflow Prevention Products, a WATTS brand, got their start in 1924, manufacturing backflow preventers and auto sprinkler systems for irrigation. Many municipal water systems specify the use of FEBCO equipment to ensure the safety of their drinking water through the use of FEBCO backflow devices.

We carry a full line of FEBCO valves, including FEBCO sprinkler irrigation backflow preventers and FEBCO pressure vacuum breakers. If your system merely needs repair, you'll find we have FEBCO backflow preventer parts, FEBCO backflow repair kits and FEBCO PVB repair kits. Just let us know what you need. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on our toll-free telephone line at 866-938-4991. Our expert technicians are licensed and certified for backflow testing and repairs.

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