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Febco 1 1/2" Backflow Preventer Parts

FEBCO, a subsidiary of Watts Water Technologies, an American company founded in 1874, produces a quality line of double-check detector assemblies, double-check valve assemblies, pressure-reducing valves, pressure vacuum breakers (PVB) and more. We carry a lineup of FEBCO 1 1/2-inch parts here for repairing your backflow system, including FEBCO 805 model backflow prevention products, FEBCO 825 backflow repair parts, PVB replacement parts, single and double-check kits, and rubber repair kits.

Whether you're employing a FEBCO 700- or 800-series backflow prevention system, the repair parts you'll need are collected here, accessible by clicking on your specific equipment model number. Each item listed under a particular model number subcategory is accompanied by a detailed photo for your comparison.