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007 / LF007 289 909 / LF909
919 / LF919 007M1 709
SS007M2 719 / LF719 9D
007M2 SS009 N9-CDT
007M3 800 NF8
008PC / 008 / LF008 / LF008PC 800M / 800CM SS007M1
009 / LF009 800M2 SS007M2
800M3 SS007M3 009M2
800M4 / LF800M4 / 800M4FR SS009M2 009M3
188A / 288A / 388ASC SS009M3
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Watts 3/4" Backflow Preventer Parts

If you're in need of repair/replacement parts for a Watts reduced pressure zone assembly, you can find them right here. Click on your equipment's model number and you'll be shown the parts we currently have in stock for that particular model. For a Watts backflow preventer 009, for example, simply click on the 009/LF009 icon and you'll find everything we have for the 3/4” 009 and 009 lead-free devices, from inlet and outlet valves to first and second check kits, relief valve kits, rubber parts kits and the entire 009M3 3/4 RPZ backflow preventer .

You'll find repair parts for other popular 3/4 backflow preventers here, such as the Watts 800 PVB and Watts 007 DCDA. These quality parts are offered at attractive, competitive prices.