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2 ½" – 12" Backflow Prevention Devices

This category of large backflow devices features a selection of Double-Check Assembly valves (DCA), Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB), and Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow preventers manufactured by Wilkins, Watts, and Ames. These backflow preventer valves range in size from 2 ½" to 12" in diameter and are all designed to provide protection for your water supplies from pollution caused by back-siphonage or back pressure within the water system.

These valves are often utilized as commercial irrigation backflow protectors and may also be installed in fire safety sprinkler systems to prevent backflow. Most conform to requirements for lead-free valves, featuring stainless steel internal construction and fasteners and epoxy-coated ductile iron (ASTM 536) main body valves and access covers.