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Super Lube

Super Lube - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts

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Part Number: SUPER LUBE


Super Lube Multipurpose Grease

Super Lube Silicone Grease is a synthetic oil-based lubricant with numerous applications, including use in kitchens as a food-grade grease. Super Lube multipurpose grease is a patented lubricant that contains Syncolon® (Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE). It has a wider operating temperature range than most oil-based lubricants (-40°F to 500°F) and provides protection against water, moisture and corrosion. Super Lube O-ring lubricant is compatible with most rubber compounds and is frequently used in plumbing applications to maintain rubber parts such as seals and O-rings. It appears as a clean, translucent white color and has exceptionally high dielectric strength. Super Lube is the best, most recommended grease for plastic or rubber on metal applications.

  • 1000 DCV

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