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Ames & Colt 6" Parts - Model: C-400 / C-500 / LFC-500

Shop here at Backflow Parts Connection for the best selection and lowest price points on Ames 6-inch backflow repair parts and kits. When working on your reduced pressure backflow preventer, you want high-quality original parts such as the Model LFC-500 rubber parts kit found here. You have access to both Colt Model C-400 backflow preventer parts, such as check rubber parts kits and relief valve rubber parts kits, as well as a variety of Model M-500 and Model C-500 O-rings for check modules.

Other important items offered here include a complete relief valve assembly, E-clip and clevis pin, cover kit/sleeve kits, first and second check modules, closure sleeve test cock, and total rubber parts kits.

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Ames & Colt 2 1/2" C-400, C-500, LFC500 Device O-Ring, #3 Test Cock O-Ring, #3 Test Cock


List Price: $3.93
O-Ring, Check Module for AMES & COLT 4" Device - M-200A - M-300A O-Ring, Check Module


List Price: $5.89
E Clip for AMES & COLT 6" Device - C-200 / C-300 / LFC-300 E Clip


List Price: $10.53
Ames & Colt Backflow Prevention Rubber Kit - 6" C-200 & C-300 Single Check Valve Rubber Kit


List Price: $77.94
Ames & Colt 4" C-200, C-300, LFC-300 Device Closure Sleeve Test Cock Closure Sleeve Test-Cock w/ O-Ring


List Price: $164.04
Ames & Colt 10" C-400, C-500, LFC-500 Relief Valve Rubber Parts Kit Relief Valve Rubber Parts Kit


List Price: $308.76
Ames & Colt 6" C-400, C-500, LFC-500 Device Total Rubber Parts Kit Total Rubber Parts Kit


List Price: $444.46
Cover Kit/Sleeve Kit for AMES & COLT 4" Device M-200 / M-300 / LFM-300 Cover Kit/Sleeve Kit


List Price: $663.05
Ames & Colt 10" C-400, C-500, LFC-500 Complete Relief Valve Assembly Complete Relief Valve Assembly


List Price: $1,089.04