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Apollo & Conbraco Backflow Prevention Valves
2 1/2" Model DC4A, DCLF4A, DCDA

Apollo Valves, formerly Conbraco, is an industry leader in water flow control products, and here at Backflow Parts Connection, we carry a lineup of repair and replacement parts for the CONBRACO/APOLLO 2 1/2 DCFL4A double check valves and other 2 1/2” Apollo Valves. These Apollo DCLF 4A backflow prevention valves are interchangeable with Conbraco double check valves, capable of working with either branded system. The same goes for 2 ½-inch Apollo ball valves, which are also interchangeable with the Conbraco products.

Proper operation of your Apollo DCFL 4A double check valves will ensure the safety of your potable water from contamination caused by back pressure or back-siphoning. Keep your system up to snuff with proper maintenance and quality repair with genuine parts when needed.

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Conbraco & Apollo Backflow Prevention 4A-000-01 CONBR - 2 1/2"-3"


List Price: $61.53
Conbraco & Apollo 1/2" DC4A & DCLF4A Total Backflow Device Repair Kit CONBR - 1/2" DC4A TOTAL


List Price: $110.62
Conbraco & Apollo 2 1/2-3" RP4A Complete #2 Check, DC4A check #1 or #2 CONBR - 2 1/2-3" DC4A/DCDA4A


List Price: $541.47