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Large 6" Backflow Prevention Devices

Zurn Wilkins Backflow Prevention devices are made for ease of installation and maintenance and to provide high-quality service for the lifetime of your systems, which saves you time and money. Their residential and commercial backflow preventers are the finest on the market, with outstanding reliability and excellent flow characteristics. The 6-inch backflow prevention devices found here are designed for installation on water lines as protection against back-siphonage of polluted water into a potable water supply. The 375 ADA RPZ Backflow Device is constructed from an NSF-certified epoxy-coated iron body and is lead-free compliant. This reduced pressure backflow preventer consists of a pressure relief valve sitting between two check valves. This is an important central part for many systems, including irrigation backflow preventers.

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Wilkins DC 350 6" W/OSY Wilkins DC 350 6" W/OSY

WIlkins 6" With OSY shutoff valves you can order either Stainless steel (Pictured) or Ductile.

List Price: $4,871.79
757 6" W/OSY - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts Watts 757 6" W/OSY

List Price: $4,908.16
Wilkins Backflow Prevention 6" 350 ABG Device Wilkins 6" 350 ABG Device


List Price: $5,975.20
Wilkins 350 DA 6" Wilkins 350 DA 6"

List Price: $6,504.50
Backflow Prevention Parts - 375(A) OSY-6 Wilkins 375(A) OSY-6

375(A) OSY-6

List Price: $6,566.75
Watts 774 OSY 6" - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts Watts 774 OSY 6"

List Price: $6,638.49
Watts 757 LF 6" Watts 757 LF 6"

List Price: $6,690.76
Wilkins Backflow Prevention 6" 375 ADA Device Wilkins 6" 375 ADA Device


List Price: $8,241.07