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Large 8" Backflow Prevention Devices

Those looking to buy a large backflow device online have a great selection of these items here at Backflow Parts Connection. The 8” Watts backflow preventer is a popular choice for retrofitting. Its stainless-steel body makes it half the weight of competitors, and this double check backflow preventer is recommended by many local authorities for installation in systems where non-health hazards exist.

Ames 8" lead-free backflow preventers are also a great choice for backflow protection. They're designed to be especially easy to repair inline. Wilkins OSY backflow preventers are offered here in three different models: the 350, 350 DA and 375 AST. Whatever device you choose from this section, you can be certain that we offer only the finest quality equipment available.

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Ames C300 OSY 8" - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts Ames C300 OSY 8"

List Price: $9,012.50
Wilkins 350 w/OSY 8" Wilkins 350 w/OSY 8"


List Price: $9,232.90
Wilkins 350 NRS 8" Wilkins 350 NRS 8"

List Price: $9,606.25
Wilkins 350 DA 8" Wilkins 350 DA 8"

List Price: $12,103.86
774 OSY 8" - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts Watts 774 OSY 8"

List Price: $12,469.45
8" 375ASTOSY for Wilkins 8" Device - 375AST / 375ASTDA Wilkins 375AST OSY 8"

8" 375ASTOSY

List Price: $12,675.36