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Watts 6" Model 909RPDA Backflow Preventer Parts

The Watts Model 909RPDA (reduced pressure detector assembly) has been in production since 1990 and is available in sizes ranging from 2-1/2" to 10". It has two self-contained check valves and a stem-type bronze relief valve. In 2010, a lead-free version was introduced, with 2013 seeing all Watts 909RPDA backflow preventer parts for repair also made lead-free compliant. These repair parts will fit regular as well as lead-free models.

When the time comes to effect repairs on any of your reduced pressure detector assemblies, you'll be pleased to find that we have a selection of Watts 909 repair kits being offered at great discount prices. Keep your 6-inch backflow preventers in perfect working order using our rubber parts or total parts kits.

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Watts Backflow Prevention Outlet Ball Valve 3/4" 007/009 Watts Backflow Prevention First Check Rubber Parts Kit - 6" RK909 RC1 Watts Backflow Prevention Second Check Rubber Parts Kit - 6" RK909 RC2
Outlet Ball Valve 3/4"
List Price: $52.38
WATTS - 6" RK 909 RC1
List Price: $161.16
WATTS - 6" RK 909 RC2
List Price: $161.16
2065573 887223 887228
4-10' 909M1 bottom plug assembly for WATTS 4" Device - 909 / LF909 Watts Backflow Relief Valve Total Parts - 4-6" RK 909RPDA VT Watts Backflow Second Check Kit - 6" RK909RPDA CK2 LEAD FREE
List Price: $1,900.53
1112579 887268 794133
Watts Backflow First Check Kit - 6" RK909RPDA CK1 LEAD FREE