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Wilkins Model 975 3/4" Backflow Preventer Repair Parts

If you're repairing your ¾-inch Zurn Wilkins pressure-reducing valve, you'll want to take a look at our selection of genuine Wilkins 975 repair parts. You'll also find this page contains repair parts for the 975XL Wilkins backflow prevention assembly and some that are also applicable to the 950 and 950XLT.

Zurn Wilkins manufactures some world-class reduced-pressure backflow preventers, but like all things mechanical, nothing lasts forever without the need for some maintenance and/or repair. Here you have access to seal kits, rubber repair kits, complete repair kits and kits containing poppets, seats and springs for checks and relief valves. Find what you need for your Zurn Wilkins backflow valves here at competitive prices and delivered to you with speedy service.

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Wilkins Backflow Prevention Cover O-Ring - 3/4-1" 950XLT/975XL Wilkins Backflow Prevention RV Seal Ring 3/4"- 1" 975 Check Spring - WILKINS 3/4-1" 950/950XL/950XLT (both checks) and 975XL (second check only)
RV Seal Ring 3/4"- 1" 975
List Price: $3.93
136N 972-12s 952-33
Wilkins Backflow Prevention Relief Valve Spring - 3/4-1" 975 Wilkins Backflow Prevention #1 Check Spring - 3/4-1" 975XL Wilkins check seal ring - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts
Wilkins check seal ring
List Price: $9.42
972A-33 972-33 952-12S
Wilkins RK34-BVHDSS - Backflow Prevention Repair Parts Wilkins Backflow Prevention Seat Kit - 3/4-1" 975XL Wilkins Backflow Prevention Poppet Assembly
Wilkins RK34-BVHDSS
List Price: $18.00
Seat Kit - WILKINS 3/4-1" 975XL
List Price: $26.70

Poppet Assembly
List Price: $30.63
RK34-BVHDSS RK34-975XLSK 952-300S
Wilkins Backflow Prevention 3/4" outlet ball valve Zurn Wilkins Rubber Repair Kit for 3/4-1" 975XL Backflow Preventer 3/4" #1 inlet ball valve "Lead Free" Female x Female Tapped
34-850XL RK34-975XLR 34-850TXL
Wilkins Backflow Prevention Complete Repair Kit - 3/4-1" 975XL Wilkins 1/4-2" 950XLT & 975XL Check & Relief Valve Seat Tool Kit Wilkins Backflow Prevention Parts - Relief Valve Assembly - 3/4-1" 975XL
RK34-975XL RK-975TOOL 972-50S
Air Gap for Wilkins 3/4" Device - 975 / 975XL Wilkins Backflow Prevention Check Cover - 3/4-1" 950, 975 Complete. Poppets, springs & seats for checks and relief - WILKINS 3/4-1" 975XL
Air Gap
List Price: $84.82
AG-4 952-3XL2-010F RK34-975XLC
Backflow Prevention Devices 3/4" - 975XL-34
Wilkins 3/4" 975XL Standard Leaded Device. RPZ. Lay Length is 12 inches